Pollution Reduction Design for Innovative Combustion Technologies (PReDICT)

  • Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Parente
  • Research center: Aero-Thermo-Mechanique
  • Research start date: 15.11.2021


The European Union's objective to pursue climate- and environment-friendly transport systems within the Societal Challenge 4 identifies in novel combustion concepts a way to drastically reduce pollutant emissions of aircraft engines. A potentially step-changing opportunity to respond to this need is the technology transfer of industrial flameless combustors to aircraft gas-turbine engines. Even though successfully employed in furnaces, where factual demonstrations of emissions reductions are existent, the aeronautical application requires a deeper research work to face challenges related to a robust and safe design. On this regard, predictive numerical tools are essential to assess the feasibility and performance of a flameless aeronautical burner.

PReDICT bridges the gap between research and application by exploiting Uncertainty Quantification techniques for model calibration and forward uncertainty propagation, and by proposing a methodology to reliably predict pollutant emissions.


Riccardo holds a PhD in Aeronautical and Space Engineering, obtained in 2017 from Sapienza University, Rome (Italy). He has been a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Sapienza, from 2017 to 2021. 

His research activity involves the modelling and the numerical simulation of reacting flows in combustion chambers. More specifically, it is focused on the physical understanding of the processes that characterise combustion phenomena, the interaction between kinetics, mixing and turbulence, the effects of evaporation in spray combustion, the quantification of uncertainty associated with physical models and their reduction in presence of uncertainty.


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