RESTARTEU - Renewable Energy Sources in EU, Considering the New Economic Context

  • Supervisor: Prof. Patrick Hendrick
  • Research center: ATM
  • Research start date: 10.01.2021


With this project, structured in two parts, considering economical changes due to pandemic, we want to find the perfect balance between traditional and green energy in EU, and also, the main consumers similarities and differences, in terms of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption, in four EU countries: Belgium, Romania, Italy and Sweden. The link between the parts represent two different points of view: from macro-economy and consumer perspective. The European Union is a conglomerate of 27 countries with different laws, politics, consumer behaviours, renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and most of all, financial resources. One of the main objectives of today’s EU agenda is to pass from traditional, polluting sources to green energy. Due to climate and environmental changes, the European Green Deal wants to provide a growth strategy that transforms EU into a resource-efficient and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and the economic growth is decoupled from resource use. But for some countries, this can be done easier and cheaper. Some of them are rich in non-renewable energy resources and others can easily benefit from renewables. Of course, the EU plan is to reduce most of the differences and wants to deliver a strategy of “no country left behind”. In the pandemic context, is it still feasible? Furthermore, after the pandemic, would consumers still be ready to switch to green energy in their households? Which are the costs they are ready to pay?


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