Taming Polymorphism via Electric and Electromagnetic Fields

  • Supervisor: Yves Henri Geerts
  • Research center: Service de Chimie des Polymères
  • Research start date: 15.02.2021


Molecular crystals are of paramount importance in a broad range of fields, e.g., drugs development, pigments and optoelectronics. Their properties are finely tunable by carefully designing starting molecular building blocks and lattice architecture. However, molecular crystals are prone to polymorphism, the appearance of multiple crystal forms starting from the same molecules. This threatens the reliable production of marketable products based on crystalline materials. The crystallization process is inherently complex and far from being understood due to a lack of knowledge of out-of-equilibrium thermodynamics. The ambitious goal of the project is to validate a solvent-free strategy for the a priori selection of crystal forms. This will be done by pushing target molecular crystals far from equilibrium through strong electric fields, electromagnetic radiation and undercooling to induce crystal-to-crystal phase transitions and crystallization from melt of target polymorphs.


Luca Catalano received his Bachelor in Chemistry from the University of Milan (2011) and his M.S. in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials from the University of Bologna, working with Professor Dario Braga (2013). He then earned his Ph.D. in supramolecular chemistry from the Polytechnic University of Milan under the supervision of Professor Pierangelo Metrangolo (2017). After a first postdoctoral appointment at New York University Abu Dhabi working with Professor Panče Naumov on molecular crystalline materials (2017-2020), he joined the lab of Andy Cooper at the University of Liverpool as Postdoctoral Research Associate to work on porous liquids and crystals (2020-2021). Since February 2021, he is MSCA cofund ULB Fellow hosted by Yves Geerts at the Université libre de Bruxelles.


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