Ovide moralisé, book IX: Sources, manuscripts and a new critical edition

  • Supervisor: Craig Baker
  • Research center: Département d'enseignement de Langues et Lettres (L&L)
  • Research start date: 05.10.2020


The Ovide Moralisé is an anonymous 14th-century French adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses that spans some 72'000 lines of octosyllabic verse. This vast medieval poem is, however, not a simple translation of Ovid's work. Moralizing and allegorical interpretations have been appended to the Antique pagan myths in order to adapt them to the context of Christian medieval Europe, and additional segments of a mythographic, encyclopaedic or pseudo-historical nature have been inserted at various points in order to complement and expand the Ovidian narrative. The Ovide moralisé is also characterized by a complex textual tradition. It survives in twenty-one manuscripts, which near witness to multiple reworkings that modify, abbreviate or reorganize the text. Both the sources and the manuscript transmission of the work are currently at the center of interest of an international team of specialists - the “Ovide en Français” (OEF) research group - who are preparing an integral critical edition of the Ovide moralisé.

My research project is conceived as part of this collective research endeavor, focusing on one of the fifteen books of the Ovide moralisé: Book IX. It aims to provide study of the sources and the manuscript tradition, as well as to produce a critical edition of this book, which comprises ca. 3400 lines. The source study will focus on identifying the various strata of materials involved – from the Metamorphoses and a selection of wide-spread medieval Ovid commentaries to other Latin and vernacular texts that the French author may have used – and examining how they were incorporated and rewritten within the French text, thus contributing to the creation of a new literary work. The study of the manuscript tradition of book IX, in turn, will shed light on some of the as yet unresolved questions relating to the stemma codicum (i.e. the genealogy of manuscript witnesses) of the text. An in-depth study of manuscript variation will also provide a basis for the critical edition of the book, which relies on the collation of all known manuscript witnesses. The edition will ultimately be published together with books VII and VIII in the collection Société des anciens textes français.




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